Maison Vitry Images




2 responses to “Maison Vitry Images

  1. pamela naaman

    Wow I am really impressed! The site is beautiful and so is the house!!

  2. Paige Stock

    So blessed to know the owners of this amazing home, and to have slept under it’s roof. It is truly a gem of Treme and of the city itself. The care and love that has been poured into this home to restore it to her original glory is remarkable. The feeling you get walking through the doorway and climbing the stairs, immediately envokes feelings of being at home. To be in the presence of the revealed frescos as you wander into the garden and sit by the fountain while staring at the flowers that accent the beauty of this home is such a calming feeling. I enjoy wandering through the parlors admiring all the details that have been preserved, and make my way out onto the smaller side balcony, to look out onto the city… It’s only then am I reminded that it’s present day. Otherwise I am content reveling in the history of this beautiful and welcoming home.

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